Nursicare Breast Pads by Polymem

Nursicare Breast Pads by Polymem

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  • Therapeutic breast pads help reduce nipple damage and pain often caused by infant suckling.
  • Help soothe tender, sore, irritated, cracked, or painful nipples.
  • The pads absorb fluid and gently expand to establish full contact with the wound bed.
  • The built-in cleanser helps keep the wound bed clean and removes the damaged tissue.
  • Glycerin the moisturizer in Nursicare, contributes to an optimal environment to heal the nipples and prevent the pads from sticking to the skin.
  • The unique features help reduce inflammation, thus addressing both persistent and procedural wound pain.
  • The super absorbent pulls in fluid from the nipple and locks it into the Nursicare pad, helping keep fluid out of the wound bed.
  • The external film controls the evaporation process and protects the nipple wound from external contamination.

Product Description and Indications:
Sore and painful nipples can interfere with breastfeeding and the mother’s health. Nursicare by PolyMem therapeutic breast pads should be used immediately after the first breastfeeding. The protective and therapeutic pads help alleviate nipple pain and promote healing. Nursicare pads help soothe tender, sore, irritated, cracked or painful nipples.

Nursicare pads should be continued until breastfeeding is well established. At the first sign of discomfort, resume using Nursicare pads. Discomfort is a sign of possible nipple damage that might worsen.

These therapeutic breast pads are designed to be worn inside a bra to:

  • Help reduce development of sore, painful or damaged nipples
  • Minimize abrasion and friction damage caused by bra or clothing 
  • Absorb milk leakage

Nursicare pads are made of the same PolyMem materials that have been proven worldwide, for over 25 years, to help reduce pain and improve healing of skin and soft tissue injuries. The absorbent membrane pad is covered by a printed thin film backing which helps prevent leaks and contamination. The pad has oxygen and moisture vapor breathability which also helps improve healing.

Directions for Use:
Applying the Pad:
1. Prior to initial use of Nursicare pads, wipe the nipple and surrounding area with a cloth slightly wet with water. Do not dry the skin or nipple – the residual moisture will help with comfort provided by the pad.
2. Wear the Nursicare pads inside of the bra with the printed label side away from the skin. Center the pad over the nipple area.
3. Prior to nursing or using a breast pump, wipe the breast with a clean cloth or towelette moistened with water or mothers’ milk.
4. While nursing baby, keep the Nursicare pad clean by placing the pad on a clean surface with the unlabeled side up.

When to Change the Pad?

The Nursicare pad may be used until the liquid in the pad becomes visible through the labeled backside of the pad and before the absorbed fluid reaches the edge of the pad. Nursicare pads are not washable; washing may remove materials and alter the pad. Discard after use. Reuse may cause contamination.

Caution: To ensure safe use of this product:

  • Keep pads and packaging away from an unattended baby or child; pads and packaging could be a choking hazard.
  • Nursicare pad may be used until the liquid in the pad becomes visible through the labeled backside of the pad. Change the pad immediately if saturated with milk.
  • If you notice signs of infection, if nipple pain continues beyond one week or the nipple continues to be cracked, bleeding, scabbed, blistered, or exceedingly painful, seek the advice of a physician, a board-certified lactation consultant or other appropriate health care provider.


  • Keep dry and store at room temperature and humidity.
  • Expiration Date is on packaging.


PRECAUTIONS: For external use only • Sterility cannot be guaranteed if package is open or damaged • Topical treatments are not recommended in conjunction with Nursicare pads.