Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breast Pump
Ameda Platinum BreastPump In Use by breastfeeding mom

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Ameda Platinum Hospital Grade Breast Pump

Rent your Ameda Platinum breast pump today for free same or next day delivery in Toronto and the GTHA. 

Backed by proven clinical research the Ameda Platinum hospital grade breast pump is one of the most effective Canadian breast pumps available. The pump is great for establishing and maintaining your milk supply. It is also highly effective for moms of both premature and full-term babies.

The Ameda Platinum breast pump is a popular hospital grade breast pump in Canada and is used in the following Toronto and Greater Toronto Hamilton Area hospitals: 

  • Sick Kids, Toronto
  • Mount Sinai, Toronto 
  • McMater Hospital , Hamilton
  • Humber River Hospital 
  • Brant Community Health, Brantford

Moms who began their milk expressing in the clicial environment of the maternity unit can now rent the same hospital grade breast pump that they have become familiar with to use in their own homes.

The Ameda Platinum has the following features: 

  • Internal piston system resulting in a smooth, comfortable feel which expressing milk
  • Demonstrated clinical evidence shows the effectiveness of the pump for the most critical patients 
  • Supports single and double pumping, using VacuSense technology which maintains consistent suction 
  • Works with the 'Ameda HygieniKit Milk Collection System' (purchased separately) which features the world's only, FDA cleared, patented, viral protection barrier which ensures the breast milk is kept away from any possible contaminants such as bacteria and viruses.
  • It is the only multi-user, hospital grade breast pump to record a milk volume in excess of 1,000 mL/day by Day 14
  • Features fully adjustable suction control levels, shown in user friendly 1-100% settings for accurate adjustability
  • Quicker pumping of milk is supported by the adjustable cycle range of 30-80 CPM

    Rental Terms of Agreement -  Please read before proceeding with rental purchase. 
    Renter agrees to the following terms and conditions :

    1. To handle the breast pump with care and pay rental depot the current list price for damages and/or missing parts.
    2. To return the breast pump in the same condition as received and agrees to pay cleaning fee for soiled pumps.
    3. To immediately inform the rental depot of any changes to information put forth in the agreement, such as change of residence, email address or phone number.
    4. To immediately inform the rental station of any changes to credit card account used to secure this agreement.
    5. To pay any tax imposed by reason of this transaction.
    6. Renter agrees that no refunds will be permitted during initial first month rental or subsequent months. No cancellations are permitted once an order is placed.
    7. The renter will have no right, title or interest in the breast pump, except as set forth in this agreement. The breast pump shall not be removed from the province in which it was rented without prior authorization of the rental station.
    8. The breast pump will remain the property of mother's choice products.
    9. Renter accepts full responsibility for the proper use and return of the breast pump, its case, and all of its contents.
    10. The renter shall not allow the breast pump to be used by any other person and shall accept full responsibility for the safe return of the breast pump.
    11. Mothers choice Products assumes no responsibility for damages, including the renter of the breast pump, if any other kit than the Ameda HygieniKit milk collection system is used.
    12. This agreement shall automatically terminate upon written notice by the renter or rental station. Upon such notice, the renter shall have two (2) business days in which to return the breast pump and pay the amount in full.
    13. Renter agrees to pay all fees, including collection and court costs, if this agreement is not fulfilled and/or renter fails to return the breast pump as set forth herein and/or pay the contract in full.
    14. If renter fails to return the breast pump, rental depot will charge renters credit card on file for the current suggested retail price for the breast pump.
    15. By Purchasing/renting - you agree to all the terms set forth above.