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The New Mummy Co is Canada's leading provider of in-home newborn care. We have supported thousands of families across Canada and the world with the transition to parenthood. Maria Robertson, our owner and CEO, has over 20 years experience as a leading international maternity nurse, working with new parents providing newborn & sleep consultancy. 

As well as our Newborn Care Specialists we have a team of experts providing breastfeeding, sleep and nutrition support to families at our Oakville HQ and via remote video consultancy. We have taken this expert knowledge and practical experience to assemble a range of products that we know you can trust to give you and your baby the best start in life. Toronto Breast Pump Rental is our specialist arm which focuses solely on supporting breast feeding moms. Through our hospital grade breast pump rental service we support thousands of mothers with their breastfeeding journey. We have selected the brands that have shown results and helped moms thrive with breastfeeding when maybe everything was not going to plan.

 We hope this expert knowledge and feedback from our moms allows you to get the same results.

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Meet Maria, our CEO

Maria formed The New Mummy Company in 2012, and later established Toronto Breast Pump Rentals, after working across the world as a sought after maternity nurse.  Today, Maria has over 20 years of practical experience with newborns.

 Maria has worked with celebrity families and Hollywood stars as a baby nurse and sleep coach. She has been described as the baby whisperer by actress Amanda Peet on ABC's "The View". 

 Her passion for helping new parents shines through in her down to earth and caring nature, Maria is proud to have grown the company to provide end to end support through pregnancy, birth and babies early years. We only list products that have Maria's stamp of approval.

Read more about Maria's background here.

Why Toronto Breast Pump Rental?


We guarantee the best service in the GTA with free delivery from our Lactation Educator within 24hours of order.


We believe you have enough on your mind as a new parent. We aim to take the hassle out of your life and always do the right thing.


We have worked with thousands of Canadian families supporting them with pregnancy, newborn and breastfeeding needs.


We only rent the hospital grade machines and stock products selected by our expert team giving complete peace of mind.

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What our customers are saying about our service....

Jennifer from Brampton

The pump showed up at my house the same day i brought the baby home so i was able to start pumping rite away. The pump was wonderful and easy to use. When it came for pick up they came on time and was very friendly, over all very very happy.

Sarah from Toronto

Everything was perfect!

Debbie from Toronto

Loved the flexible drop off and pickup options. I was also in a bind when my toddler broke an accessory for my pump and I needed something that night. Lindsay went above and beyond and delivered a pump on her way home. I cant express how thankful I am that your company has such amazing and understanding staff like her. I will certainly recommend your service to anyone in need of a rental.

Budhdeo family from Toronto

Fast and really friendly service. Really helpful in setting up and parts even came pre-sterilized!