Getting The Most Out Of The Medela Symphony Breast Pump - Troubleshooting.

Expert hints and tips for maximising your breast pump suction. Increase your milk production, solve suction problems, fix tubing blockages and do a thorough clean. 

The Medela Symphony Double Breast Pump is a very popular choice of hospital grade milk pump. It is one of the most popular electric breast pumps because it is easy to use, it is reliable and it is an effective milk-producing machine.   

Rent The Medela Symphony Double Breast Pump. You can rent the Medela Symphony Grade Pump from our store. If you are in the Toronto & GTHA areas, we will pick it up and conveniently deliver it directly to your doorstep for free!  If you are outside of the GTA we can deliver it to you for as little as $20 each way.

Although the Medela Symphony is a very reliable breast pump, it is important for new moms to get the most milk out of their machine. 

Watch Maria in our New Mummy Company video as she discusses some of the most frequent issues that people run into when they use the Medela Symphony. Learn how to troubleshoot minor problems with an expert in the Medela Symphony double breast pump.

Why Is Breast Pumping Important For New Moms?

A breast pump is a super handy tool to have for any new mom and is an accessory that the vast majority of experienced moms and childcare experts recommend.

Here are few reasons why.

  • Mom and baby may be separated at the hospital. The baby may need some extra support after delivery in the NICU (Newborn Intensive Care Unit) at the hospital. Or mom may need a little extra care herself. This separation does not mean that the baby can't benefit from mom's precious breast milk. Many hospitals all across Canada have powerful and effective, double, electric breast pumps for exactly this purpose. A list of the hospitals in Ontario that rely on the Medela Symphony breast pump is listed at the bottom of the page.   
  • Mom and baby might be separated after they have left the hospital. Mom might have to go back to work, or have an appointment at the Doctor's. There might be a family wedding to attend and kids aren't invited (they can be a little noisy!). This separation also doesn't mean that baby can't enjoy mamma's milk. The Medela Symphony can be used to pump breast milk, which can then be stored in the fridge if it is going to be used soon or popped in the freezer from longer-term storage.     
  • The baby has issues with latching. There are loads of reasons why a baby has problems latching on. If you are having trouble, then a lactation consultant is your best port of call. It is important to make sure that you have initiated your milk using the breast pump, or that you are using the breast pump to maintain your supply, while the latching issue is being resolved.    
  • Although breastfeeding is a wonderful blessing it can also be tiring. Mom's nipples may be getting a little sore. Pumping breast milk gives mom a break from nursing. Dad, or another family member can enjoy the bonding time feeding the baby, while mamma rejuvenates.   

It's important to know that whether your baby is getting your precious milk straight from your breast or from a bottle that you expressed your milk into doesn't matter. They are still consuming the liquid gold that mother nature made just for them. 

What Are The Best Features Of The Medela Symphony Double Breast Pump?

The Medela Symphony has some great stand out features that make it the best choice in electric breast pump. 

  1. Many women feel more comfortable expressing their breast milk with the same type of pump that they became used to in the hospital. As the Medela Symphony is such a popular choice in Ontario hospitals it is also a popular choice for the new moms living here. 
  2. The Medela Symphony has an initiation setting that is designed to trigger the milk supply of a new mom. This amazing feature is perfect for a mom who has been separated from her newborn, as it is can initiate the 'let down' faster than any other pump on the market.
  3. Another feature is the Medela Symphony is the 'boost' and 'maintain' milk supply setting. This is ideal for moms who would like to increase their milk production or keep their milk supply up for the longer time.
  4. The Medela Symphony can work with inverted nipples.
  5. It can help to heal mastitis and painful engorgement.   

Getting The Most Breast Milk Out Of Your Medela Symphony Breast Pump 

Troubleshooting your breast pump with a quick service is a good way to keep small issues from becoming problems.

Follow along with the New Mummy Company troubleshooting guide to getting your pump working perfectly.

Step 1: Make sure that the pump has power. The first time that you use it, you may be confused as to why there is no power to the Medela Symphony, even when it is plugged into the socket. The answer is to check the back of the pump. Here there is a black wire that needs to connect into the socket at the back of the pump. The wire is disconnected when you first remove the pump from the case. This is because it won't fit into the case with the wire inserted.

Step 2: Suction. If the Medela Symphony suction has reduced or stopped then the first thing to check is the kit. You need to dismantle the kit, inspect it, clean it and then put it back together. 

Here's how.

Membranes and valves: Make sure that there are no tears or damage.  If they are not in good condition then you can order some replacement membrane and valves from our store. Wear and tear will occur depending on frequency of use and often they are being removed for washing. 

If they are in good working order then make sure that they are properly connected.When you put them together you should hear them click into place. They should fit level and flat into the breast shield. If they are not connecting properly then they do need to be replaced. 

Check The Kit's Tubing: When you first receive the kit, it will be already put together. But if you detect any suction issues or if the kit becomes damaged then you need to do a thorough tubing inspection. The first step is to look for any damage or cracks or breaks. Check the cap end and make sure that they are pushed in together so that there is no loss of suction where the tubing meets the cap. Clean and replace the silicone caps to check for dust or debris. If they need to be cleaned then do so with a lint free cloth and then make sure that they are dry before you reconnect them. Make sure that you reconnect them properly.

Blocked Tubing: There is the possibility that blocked tubing is causing your pump suction to decrease.  Blockages can be caused by condensation building up or a small amount of milk finding its way in. Here's a some blocked tubing solutions:

  • Put the pump to the side (NOT attached to you) and turn it on. Let it run for a few minutes and this should clear out any built up condensation.
  • If there is milk in the tubing then remove it and rinse it through with soapy water. You can then hang the tubing to dry. If some condensation is still inside then connect the tubing to the pump and let it run to dry out. If the tubes are taking time to dry then you can lasso them around your head like a cowboy to work the liquid out.

If neither of these work then you need to replace the tubing to avoid mould developing (yuck). 

 Put The Pump Back Together: Open the pump by lifting the handle. Put both caps in and made sure that you hear the click. Insert the tubing and close the lid. It is ok if the lid does not lay flat.

At this point you should find that any pump suction issues should be resolved.

Regardless of suction issues, your Medela Symphony breast pump kit will need to be replaced approximately every 3 months. This will obviously depend on how often you use it. Replacement breast pump kits can be bought from our store here.   

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